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We enjoy optimizing websites, e-shops and blogs for internet search engines. And according to our clients we are good at it, check out our references.

From hobby to professionalism.

  • We started pushing websites to the first page of Google and Seznam search engine results back when the industry started to evolve. Back then, we saw a shift to the first positions within a few hours. All we had to do was play around with keywords and page structure. There was no need for backlinks.
  • Today, when optimizing for highly competitive keywords, we need to master technical, content and local SEO, linkbuilding, SEO copywriting and high-level keyword analysis, and keep an eye on industry trends and changes in search algorithms.
  • Although we play a game LoL or WoT now and then, we mostly enjoy playing the game for the top positions in organic search on Google, Seznam and YouTube, which is the second largest search engine in the world in terms of queries entered after Google. We can do it in Czech, English, Slovak and even Polish.
  • We enjoy analyzing tens of thousands of keywords from all possible fields of activity, such as telecommunications, IT, nutritional supplements, financial services, health, human resources, tourism, etc. We equally enjoy writing optimized content on these topics.

Not a line of text without a keyword

  • It is said that 90% of the content published on the internet is never read because it is not linked to by advertisements, nor can it be accessed through organic search as it does not appear in the top positions of search engine results.
  • That’s why we won’t write a single line or create a web page for you without a detailed keyword analysis, knowledge of your competition and the purpose of the content you are creating.

Steady growth in traffic

  • An increase in traffic to a website, e-shop or blog leads to an increase in sales or contacts received for services.
  • You can achieve this through paid advertising or organically, i.e. unpaid. Once a PPC campaign is turned off, traffic drops to its original level, but well-optimized content increases traffic in the long run.

Our SEO Experts

We are a team of experienced SEO consultants and specialists ready to help with increasing traffic and attractive content for both search engines and visitors.

Ing. Rudolf Sehnal, MBA

Ing. Rudolf Sehnal, MBA

Senior SEO Consultant

Web optimization and content strategy, almost 10 years of experience in SEO, 20+ years of experience in advertising, performance-based online marketing and SEO copywriting. Graduate of Brno University of Technology in Economics and Open University Business school in UK.

Samuel Rudolf Sehnal

Samuel Rudolf Sehnal

Managing Director, SEO & IT specialist

3+ years of experience in technical SEO, keyword analysis in Collabim tool. Graduate of computer science high school specializing in web development and network administration.


Lucie, Katka, Monika

Lucie, Katka, Monika

SEO copywriters

Optimized SEO copywriting for website pages, e-shops and company blogs. Writing content on precisely specified groups of keywords.

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If you're looking for SEO professionals to create optimized content for your website, we'd love to help. You will appreciate our expertise, reliability and practical approach to solving your requirements.

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