SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION will significantly increase traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization summarizes the activities leading to the internet search engines to easily understand the main topic of the website, the structure of the website according to keywords, to be able to browse and index it easily. The goal of search engine optimization is to display search phrases in higher search positions, ideally on the first or at least second page.

  • search engine optimization will bring you more website traffic in the medium and long term
  • since it is organic traffic and not paid traffic (PPC etc.), the effect of optimization is gradual but long-term
  • the phenomenon of optimization is to reach the first position in search or several other top positions just below the paid positions on the first page of results, which will guarantee you decent traffic to a particular page of the site

Website and e-shop optimization

Optimizing a website is done in several ways. We will mention a few major and legal ways that increase website traffic in the long run. By legal optimization, you will achieve that search engines will not penalize you and move you to lower positions in search or even not display the site at all. And to escape the disfavor of Google or Seznam is sometimes impossible.

  • optimizing your site using on-page factors: sitemap, allowing browsing, mobile optimization, HTTPS security, site structure based on keyword analysis, content created using SEO copywriting principles, internal linking, proper size (up to 100 kB) and format of images (.PNG), site design based on UX principles (User Experience)
  • website optimization using off-page factors: fast website connection thanks to quality web hosting and linkbuilding – natural creation of backlinks by website visitors to your site thanks to its attractive content