KEYWORD RESERCH is the basis of optimization.

We will show you what people search for and how often.

What is keyword resech?

Keyword reserch is the activity of finding out what and how often people search online for something. More specifically, what specific phrases they type into search engines such as Google, Seznam or Bing when searching for a particular subject of their interest. It is important at all stages of optimizing a website, e-shop or blog.

You will need keyword reserch in the following cases:

  1. before creating a website or e-shop, to create the site structure, the right URLs and the hierarchy of product groups
  2. after launching a web project, to find out what keywords search engines have found for a particular website
  3. and we also recommend performing keyword reserch  on a regular basis in order to increase natural traffic to the website

Benefits of keyword reserch for clients

When working with clients, we often find that additional insights are gained when reviewing the keyword reserch and newly created website and e-commerce structure in detail:

  1. the client will usually re-evaluate their previously created structure because it is based on the names, groups and order of products according to catalogues and price lists, rather than on how visitors search for their products and services.
  2. keyword analysis reveals to clients the real needs of site visitors in terms of assortment and seasonality – which is often very different from experienced expectations.
  3. this analysis is then often used by the purchasing department as a basis for determining purchase volumes and their timing according to seasonality

Keyword reserch for Google

You can find keywords for Google in several places. This gives you a detailed overview of what terms people are searching for on Google:

  • Google searches for keywords and displays them with the search trend Google Ads / Tools / Keyword Planner
  • a few keyword search tips are offered to you by Google’s whisperer directly under the keyword you enter
  • you can find other keywords in the Google search engine as follows: type in your search term and at the bottom of the search engine page you will find the Search Queries section related to the keyword you searched for
  • Search Console is another tool that will show you keywords searched for on Google leading to pages on your website

Keyword reserch for Seznam

You can find keywords for Seznam in several places. Some of these lists are readily available directly in Seznam’s search engine, others in its specific tool. Seznam publishes the most searched words on its blog:

  • Czech Internet jumpers is a statistic of searched keywords by time period and region in the Czech Republic
  • a detailed monthly overview of Seznam’s keywords can be found in Sklik / Tools / Keyword Suggestion
  • the easiest way to find the number of searches for a keyword on Seznam is to click on “Search statistics” at the bottom of the page after typing and searching for the keyword, which shows daily, weekly and monthly searches for keywords on Seznam
  • and of course, just like on Google also Seznam offers a hint of similar words in the search engine when you enter a keyword

Keyword planner

The Keyword planner is a tool that finds keywords for you. And then it plans them for you, for example, in ad reports for PPC campaigns.

  • the Google Ads app is the planner for keywords searched on Google, which prepares a keyword suggestion for you and also allows you to manage your advertising campaigns if you want to direct visitors to your website via these keywords.
  • the keyword planner for Seznam can be found in Sklik, which does basically the same thing

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a phrase consisting of one or more words that people type into internet search engines to find what they are interested in. It can be a single word, such as interview, two words with a preposition such as interview preparation, or multiple words. For example, job interview questions and answers, which is called a “long tail keyword”.

  • generally, targeting one-word keywords is more difficult than targeting multi-word keyword phrases
  • multi-word keywords are easy to find, for example with the Keyword Tool, which searches for words and phrases in dozens of world languages, including English, and offers searches on YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay and Instagram in addition to Google

    Keyword Search

    The searchability of keywords is important for prioritizing their importance. Of course, the most searched keywords are the focus of all those who optimize websites for search engines. Getting them on the first page of search engines is becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on less searched keywords, which are usually multi-word. For example, with a 3-4 word keyword phrase, you will get on the first page of search results much easier and faster.

    • for example, the monthly search rate for the keyword cash register on Google is 2,900, eet cash register is 1,900 and eet cash register price is only 50 – just to give you an idea of how dramatically the search rate for keywords decreases with their length
    • you can see the keyword search rate with monthly evolution in Google Ads, Sklik and Collabim
    • as you can see, the keyword analysis is an essential activity for all decisions related to the creation of a website and e-shop – and it does not matter at what stage of implementation it is