With the help of quality SEO OPTIMIZATION we will increase your website traffic by tens of percent.

What is SEO optimization?

SEO optimization is an abbreviation of the English term “Search engine optimization”. It refers to the internet search engines Google, Seznam, Bing and Yahoo. Simply put, we do SEO optimization so that search engines can easily understand what a website, blog or e-shop is about and what it offers. And so it can offer the most relevant search results to people looking for a specific information, service or product, i.e. a specific website.

SEO optimization is done on multiple levels:

  • from the loading speed of the website and optimization for tablets and mobile devices
  • to enabling or disabling certain pages for browsing and indexing
  • to optimizing text at the level of keyword content as well as at the level of readability

Our approach to SEO optimization

We see SEO optimization as an effective tool for continuous growth of traffic to a website, blog or e-shop with the aim of increasing the number of potential customer leads or direct purchases in the e-shop.

We perform SEO optimization professionally using powerful optimization tools and analysis. Only this approach leads to:

  • you will know exactly what and how often your potential customers are searching for
  • website traffic and sales will gradually increase
  • you will be able to keep PPC ad costs at a constant level or even reduce them

How do we implement SEO optimization for your company?

1. Keyword analysis

  • First of all, we will get to know your internet project in detail and the goal it has to fulfill in the future.
  • We will perform a detailed keyword analysis of your business, which in practice means collecting up to several thousand keywords that people enter into Google, Seznam and Bing search engines.

2. Finding out the positions in search engines

  • We will find out what positions your website’s homepage and other pages appear in on both Google and Seznam. This analysis will also reveal where the majority of your potential customers are located.
  • This will give us an overview of your current SEO levels.

3. Creating a logical site structure

  • Since at this stage it is already clear how exactly and in what intensity people are searching for your services or products, we will create a complete design of the new website or e-shop structure with the names of the main sections and sub-sections from the most searched to the least searched.

4. SEO copywriting

  • We will write sample texts for specific web pages, for e-shop texts of main product groups, subgroups and product descriptions in the following form
    • page URL
    • H1, H2, H3, etc. title
    • Bodycopy with internal linking
    • Meta title with consideration of attractiveness compared to competitors
    • Meta description summarising the content of the page
    • ALT image descriptions

5. Presentations and SEO training

  • We will prepare a detailed presentation with specific instructions for you or your marketing specialists to develop your website.
  • At the SEO training we will explain everything in detail and discuss specific suggestions for improving your website optimization.
  • We will also go over the tutorials given in the presentation and the detailed new structure. If it is a larger project, the marketing specialists will be given the exact procedure and know-how on how to perform SEO optimization independently. For smaller projects, we will present a ready-made solution.

6. Technical SEO – bonus

  • As a bonus, you will receive from us a specific analysis and recommendations for technical improvements to the site that significantly affects SEO. These include:
    • website loading speed
    • review and suggestion of robots.txt and sitemap.xml settings
    • responsiveness and data security of the site, checking necessary components of the site such as GDPR, etc.

SEO web optimization

You can perform SEO optimization of a website at a basic level by yourself, following the instructions of the individual search engines. For example, follow Google’s guide for website owners who are new to SEO optimization. Here you will learn how to do SEO optimization and what SEO is:

  • how Google searches, indexes and how you can find out if Google has already noticed your page and can display it in search results
  • how you can help Google and your site visitors understand what you want to tell them
  • how to do SEO optimization of your website content and make it attractive and interesting for your visitors
  • how to optimize web content for tablets and mobile devices, something that Google has recently given a great importance to

SEO search engine optimization

SEO search engine optimization can be summarized into several basic areas:

  • technical parameters of the website: the loading speed of the website content, the size of the images and their appropriate format or the quality of the web hosting
  • on-page SEO factors: the structure of the site according to groups of search phrases or keywords, linking, etc.
  • off-page SEO factors: linkbuilding or the acquisition of backlinks – Google only recognizes organic backlinks, i.e. links that direct internet users to your website through interesting content

SEO test, analysis and tools

You can perform the SEO test quickly and free of charge on various sites that test the SEO fitness of websites. The question is whether you understand the individual optimization suggestions and whether you will be able to implement them yourself. You can optimize image sizes and formats. You can do the SEO analysis yourself using SEO tools, but you should contact programmers, coders and other specialists to implement more complex improvements.

  • SEO test – tests 50 SEO factors of a website quickly and for free. It can also compare 2 websites at once.
  • Web.dev – a new SEO test tool directly from Google that detects errors and suggests solutions straight away
  • Google site kit – if you have a site built on WordPress, this tool compiles insights and analysis from various tools
  • GTmetrix – another detailed SEO tester with a clear graphical display of critical and other errors