We are experienced SEO COPYWRITERS who can write optimized texts for internet search engines.

Reference of copywriting projects

Here are selected websites for which we have written SEO optimized texts for internet search engines. If you need texts that will lead visitors to your website, don’t hesitate to contact us.

SEO copywriting | SEOMAKER


Complete blog writing including analysis on the topic of airport parking.


Content strategy and copywriting on interview, resume and job topics.

SEO copywriting | SEOMAKER


SEO copywriting on the topic of recall systems and audiovisual technology.

SEO copywriting is a combined skill

  • SEO copywriting is a highly sophisticated discipline, because a SEO copywriter must be skilled in the principles of search engine optimization, i.e. SEO, in addition to good copywriting, good language skills and an overview of the topic being written. Moreover, in the Czech Republic, the situation is more difficult because you have to write texts with respect to Google and Seznam search algorithms, which are written differently – in some cases, I feel, even against each other. Quality SEO copywriting must synthesize these areas:

    • the basis of copywriting is the ability to write in an engaging and beneficial way for site visitors so that they can learn what interests them in the field, broaden their horizons and put the experience into practice
    • the next level is the art of writing with a purpose, i.e. the ability to influence the reader in the desired way through writing (here we are talking about writing for corporate websites and professional articles, although writing fiction often has its purposeful parts such as evoking emotions, desires, ideas, etc.) – a good basis for writing with a purpose are having, for example, journalists and copywriters from advertising and PR agencies
    • the highest level of copywriting is SEO copywriting, where it is necessary to have both – the ability to write engagingly and the ability to write with a purpose, plus knowledge of the principles of search engine optimisation

Detailed SEO copywriting guide

Together with Dalibor Jaroš from Collabim, we went over the important areas of creating search engine optimized website content. In the video you will find practical advice and examples:

  • how to create pages for a content website that, for example, offers services and an e-shop
  • how to use analytical tools to find the right keywords
  • how to structure a page and which technical factors to keep in mind
  • how to engage readers and other useful tips


    How to write an SEO article

    How to write an SEO article? As can be seen from the above, SEO optimization of an article can be the last stage of its editing, although it is good to write it from the beginning with this in mind. An experienced copywriter can apply the principles from the first word when writing an article, while inexperienced ones can use various tools, such as the Yoast WordPress template plugin, which checks the written text directly and recommends edits. Here are the basic copywriting rules for writing a search engine optimized article:

      • structure the article using heading elements H1, H2, H3 to H6
      • density, placement, highlighting and different forms of the keyword for which the page is being optimised
      • the structure and readability of the article – use of short sentences, use of bullet points and numbering, short paragraphs, vocabulary at the level of primary school pupils – unless it is a specialised article
      • length of text – for example, Google is starting to favour longer articles over the previously recommended 500-600 words to cover the topic overall
      • appropriate use of internal and external links
      • placement of graphics, videos and images with appropriate ALT descriptions
      • detailed instructions on copywriting for SEO can be found in the video above