Get consistently higher website traffic from Google and Seznam up to 40% with SEO.

We will increase your website or e-shop traffic by tens of percent in the long term. You’ll be able to reduce your online advertising costs or eliminate it completely. Our experienced SEO consultants, specialists and copywriters are at your disposal.

Ask for a no-obligation SEO optimization of your website.

We will get your website to the top of Google and Seznam search engines.

  • Why do you need SEO? Because only 20-30% of people click on ads on Google and Seznam. On the other hand, 70-80% of them click on the natural search results under ads, and these are the positions you can get to with SEO optimization.
  • We help owners and administrators of dozens of websites get to the top positions in Google and Seznam search engines with thousands of keywords and increase search traffic with optimized content.
  • We’ve analyzed tens of thousands of keywords and are actively caring for thousands more. Beside you can see how many keywords we’ve helped to achieve great search engine positions. Legally and in the long term.

Keywords in the TOP 3 positions of Google and Seznam search engines

Keywords in the TOP 10 positions of Google and Seznam search engines

Our SEO services

For online content marketing, we provide services ranging from one-time analyses to long-term cooperation. Choose accordingly to the needs of your internet project.

SEO consultation

We can help you apply on-page, off-page and technical SEO optimization factors.

SEO copywriting

We will write optimized web content for people as well as for search engines.

Keyword analysis

We will prepare the ideal structure of your website or e-shop and give you tips for new pages and articles.

SEO optimization

Search engine optimization will bring you more visits from Google and Seznam for free.

Optimized websites

We will create a website for your company or business. Including texts for selected keywords.

Customized SEO training

We will prepare for you SEO training tailored to your website, eshop or blog with practical advice.

Higher website traffic thanks to SEO

Here are a few websites that we have helped to significantly increase traffic to their websites, including e-shops, from natural search, which is free long-term traffic, thanks to search engine optimization.


34% traffic to website and e-shop from search engines thanks to SEO optimization


79% traffic to from search engines thanks to SEO optimization


84% of visits to from search engines


43% traffic to website and e-shop from search engines thanks to SEO optimization

What do you gain from SEO optimization?

  • Long-term increase in website traffic.
  • A clear structure of the website according to how your potential customers search for your business.
  • Convincing and optimized texts for people and also for Google and Seznam search engines.
  • Understanding your potential customers needs and how they search for your offer.


SEO services include:

Technical SEO

Checking that Google and Seznam search engines can index sites correctly.

Keyword analysis

Analysis of selected keywords and finding their related variants.

Finding positions in search

From the beginning of the cooperation you will know the actual positions on Google and Seznam.

Backlinks | Linkbuilding

Getting backlinks is getting harder. Let us create a strategy for building them.

FREE online SEO tests

Thanks to SEO TEST SEOMAKER you will be able to track your progress in SEO optimization for free.

Comparison with competitors

SEO TEST SEOMAKER allows you to compare the quality of your SEO criteria with your main competitors.

Test your website's SEO!

SEO test SEOMAKER instantly analyzes 50 on-page and off-page factors: SEO, usability, responsiveness, loading speed, used technologies, website traffic, internal and external links. Comparison with competitors. PDF report. Most factors even without registration, which is for FREE.

How does the cooperation work?

  • First, we agree on the content and terms of cooperation based on the requirements and goals of your website or e-shop.
  • As an initial activity, we will do SEO technical analysis and a detailed keyword analysis, during which we will go through and sort thousands of keywords and assign them to pages of the website using an SEO tool.
  • We then prepare a documentation with the output of the analysis, which is also used for a detailed presentation with practical recommendations.
  • You will get practical instructions on how to optimize your website and e-shop, suggestions for dozens of optimized articles and pages, ideal website and e-shop structure, etc.
  • We will also teach you the basics of working in Collabim so you can track your progress in Google and Seznam search results.
  • We can also send you regular assignments for individual articles and pages or write SEO optimized articles for you directly.
  • Of course, the above activities can also be done independently or we can arrange consultation hours.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization or search engine optimization. The goal of optimization is to achieve the top spots in natural or organic searches on search engines.

Can you guarantee me the 1st position on Google?

Not in the search results. Neither on Google nor on Seznam nor anywhere else. No one can guarantee that. But thanks to our experience, we have helped dozens of websites optimized for thousands of keywords to do so.

How long will it take for the optimization to take effect?

It depends on many factors. Sometimes a page for a given keyword will appear on the first page of search engine results in a week or two, sometimes in a few months. And sometimes, in cases of less searched keywords, it’s almost “overnight”.

When is a good time for SEO optimization?

  1. During the preparation of a new website. Keyword analysis will show you the ideal site structure and also the structure of the e-shop.
  2. When you’ve launched the site and you’re experiencing poor traffic.
  3. When you’ve had the site for a while and want to increase traffic without paying for extra online advertising. With SEO analysis, you will get suggestions for dozens or hundreds of optimized pages that will get you more traffic.
  4. When you are planning a major redesign of your website or have just redesigned it.

Is investing in SEO worth it?

Investing in site optimization is a one-time investment in the beginning, then when you update your content regularly, traffic increases for free. Which is the opposite of paid ads, when you stop paying, traffic drops to its original level.

What do you gain from optimization?

A complete list of keywords, texts optimized for search engines and site visitors, a gradual and long-term increase in traffic and other practical tips and advice.


  • With detailed keyword analysis, you can find out what people are searching for, how often they search for it and what phrases they type into search engines.
  • The basis for creating an ideal and logical site structure for search engines as well as for visitors.


  • Thanks to our many years of experience in writing purposeful texts and our experience in SEO, you will get texts that are readable and beneficial for visitors and displayed by search engines in higher positions. You will get quality SEO copywriting.


  • After performing SEO optimization, you will get a gradual increase in traffic to your website, blog or e-shop without any additional financial costs.
  • This will reduce the total acquisition cost of your internet project in the future.


  • We are professionals with proven results.
  • We have a wealth of experience in online marketing, copywriting, online advertising, web development and search engine optimization, all of which are important for quality and effective SEO.

Award for “SEO of the Year 2020”


From the company WEB TOP 100, we won the 2nd place in the SEO of the Year 2020 category for the optimization of, where we achieved TOP positions in organic search on Google by analyzing 1,000+ keywords and SEO copywriting in comparison with the main competitors in the areas of POS systems, payment terminals and many others.


Positive references from our clients

Over the past few years we have successfully completed dozens of SEO optimizations, training, consulting and custom optimized websites. Read references on our work.


“I have received a very beneficial training that literally bears fruit after time. I look forward to working with you again and highly recommend this to anyone who cares about being seen!

Pavel Kovaříček

Online specialist,

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