We can help you get quality backlinks that will increase your website traffic in the long run.

Recommendations for building backlinks | Linkbuilding

As you will read below, getting quality and long term beneficial backlinks that will help you get more website visitors and will not penalize your website sooner or later by search engines, only leads through quality and relevant content that people will naturally spread through the internet. Don’t rely on offers of poor quality links and quick site listings in a multitude of directories. Getting a few quality backlinks for a selected keyword leading to a specific page of a site has a far greater effect than a multitude of poor quality links in PR articles or a quick listing in hundreds of worthless directories.

Need to get really high quality links that increase traffic?

If you’re considering boosting your site’s search engine rankings by building backlinks, we would be happy to help you with linkbuilding.

  • We can advise you on how and on what topics to create content that will have the potential to gain backlinks.
  • We analyze existing backlinks and recommend how to leverage them more effectively.
  • Based on an analysis of the keywords used on your website and in your line of business, we will find websites and their specific pages from which it is worthwhile to obtain backlinks.
  • We will teach you how to continuously acquire backlinks that will increase the value of your website or e-shop and will increase its traffic and improve its position in Google and Seznam search engines in the long term.
  • Of course, you can leave the backlinks entirely up to us.


How to control and analyze backlinks?

You can check the backlinks that lead to your site as follows:

  • For free in tools such as Google Analytics in the Acquisition / All Traffic / Links tab and also Google Search Console in the Links tab. You can establish a longer-term cooperation with the authors of the linking sites and create quality content for them that will contain valuable links.
  • You can get backlinks tips in professional SEO tools like Collabim in the Links, Linkbuilding section, where you can get an overview of websites and their specific pages with all relevant keywords.


What are backlinks?

  • Backlinks are links leading from other sites on the Internet to the content of a particular site, as well as links within the site itself. And what are backlinks good for?
  • By itself, they increase site traffic and the ranking of the site by search engine algorithms, leading to higher search engine rankings.
  • The most valuable and long-lasting beneficial links are the natural backlinks that a website gains from its quality, meaningful and trustworthy content.

What are SEO backlinks?

  • SEO backlinks are links that are used purposefully to get better positions in keyword search results on search engines such as Google, Seznam and Bing.
  • However, any manipulation of these SEO links is prohibited by internet search engines. For example, the Google search engine penalizes sites that have manipulated backlinks and considers them to be a violation of webmaster guidelines and this includes any practices that manipulate links leading to a site or outbound links from a site.


Forbidden backlinks. Which are the ones according to Google?

  • Purchased or sold links that pass rankings. This includes exchanging money for links or posts containing links, exchanging goods or services for links such as providing a product in exchange for writing about it in exchange for providing a link.
  • Link-for-link exchanges including links from sites designed solely for link exchanges.
  • Sites providing so-called PR articles for a fee in order to gain backlinks.
  • Links obtained through programs or services designed to obtain them.
  • Registering a site in dozens or hundreds of directories, i.e. sites that have no quality content.
  • Requiring a link as part of the terms and conditions.
  • And last but not least, commenting under articles and on forums with optimized links in the post or signature.


Which backlinks are quality?

  • Quality backlinks are those that website and blog authors naturally insert into their content.
  • The best way to get quality and relevant links that search engines will not penalize is to publish original and relevant content that people will naturally spread on the internet, i.e. link to.
  • It follows that any manipulation of links will not pay off in the long run, and on the contrary, will damage the website to which they lead.


How to build quality backlinks?

Here are a few tips on how you can acquire and build quality links that are beneficial in the long term:

  1. Supplement quality articles on the internet with information and a link to your content. The process is that you search for your content topic in a search engine and if it is missing information that you list on the site, you ask the author to add it.
  2. Finding broken backlinks on quality sites. When you find that a quality article links to a no longer existing source, you can point out this error to the author and suggest linking to your quality content that addresses the topic and will be beneficial to readers. You can find broken links on any website using the Free Online Broken Link Checker.
  3. Getting backlinks from podcasts, an increasingly popular form of content. If you are an expert in a field or have interesting experience, seek out podcast writers to record interviews. A link to your site will then appear in the podcast comments.
  4. Create a theory or strategy around your product or service and give it an original name, similar to the marketing strategy of “4P” or “Blue Ocean”. People will naturally refer to the name.
  5. Infographics you create on the topic also work well. People like to show them in their content and link to the author.