We will create an ON-LINE STRATEGY for you based on a keyword analysis of your competitors.

Online marketing strategy

The online marketing strategy must be based on the most accurate knowledge of the market needs, i.e. the needs of your customers. You can use expensive market research to determine your customers’ needs, or you can use much faster and cheaper keyword analysis to find out exactly what your potential customers are searching for online and what gaps you have not only in your offerings, but in your entire marketing mix:

  • identifying the differences between your offer and your main competitors
  • adjusting your product and service portfolio to meet demand
  • re-prioritising your offer in relation to the market’s purchasing potential

Real needs of potential customers

Your company’s marketing strategy must therefore replicate the needs and purchasing behaviour of your potential customers – if we are talking about acquisition. With the help of search marketing research, we can help you define the exact demand:

  • what products and services, in what quantities and how often potential customers are searching for them
  • what is the seasonality of demand, i.e. in which months is the demand highest
  • what is the trend in demand for specific products and services

Uncovering competitors’ marketing strategy

Understanding your competitors’ marketing strategy is very important for setting your marketing mix as well as your online strategy. This is because competitors can target customer needs better than you can. So be clear on the following areas:

    • what strengths and weaknesses the main competitors have to offer
    • meeting demand with appropriate offers in the priority product groups
    • finding the optimal match between demand and offer with regard to the competition


Competitors’ strategies on the Internet

On the other hand, even if you have a quality offer on your website, potential customers may not know about it. Why? Simply because competitors have better optimized sites and visitors are driven to them by clicks from internet search engines. If you want to increase traffic, it is important to:

  • rank in the top positions of paid and unpaid search results with a sophisticated web strategy
  • once you are in these good positions, you must engage potential customers with your offer so much that they click on your link and come to your website