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Optimization of your website and e-shop

Do you have questions about SEO services?


SEO services include:

Technical SEO

Checking that Google and Seznam search engines can index sites correctly.

Keyword analysis

Analysis of selected keywords and finding their related variants.

Finding positions in search

From the beginning of the cooperation you will know the actual positions on Google and Seznam.

Backlinks | Linkbuilding

Getting backlinks is getting harder. Let us create a strategy for building them.

FREE online SEO tests

Thanks to SEO TEST SEOMAKER you will be able to track your progress in SEO optimization for free.

Comparison with competitors

SEO TEST SEOMAKER allows you to compare the quality of your SEO criteria with your main competitors.


  • From various sources, we get hundreds or thousands of keywords directly related to your website and business type.
  • We sort the keywords into logical groups and subgroups.
  • From the keywords, we build the ideal structure for your website or e-shop.
  • For the most competitive keywords, we create sample landing pages highlighting all the important onpage SEO factors.
  • We will show you how to use keywords for SEO copywriting.
  • Keyword analysis pays off when creating a new website as well as for an existing website.
  • We will upload the keywords into the Collabim SEO tool, which you can then start working with immediately to improve your search engine rankings.
  • We will completely prepare the text of the landing page of your website, which will have the potential to get on the first pages of internet search engines within a few weeks or months after entering a keyword search.
  • We will advise you in detail where to place the page on your website and how to further promote it to increase its traffic.
  • We will use all the important SEO onpage factors and SEO copywriting rules to write the page.
  • We will create the content of the page keeping in mind its purpose, for example to get contact from potential customers.
  • We will perform a complete and highly professional SEO optimization of your website.
  • We will prepare a detailed analysis of hundreds or thousands of keywords in your business field.
  • We will prepare a new website or e-shop structure that you can start applying immediately and that will be more transparent to search engine robots.
  • We will point out critical errors that negatively affect search engine positions and advise you how to eliminate them.
  • We will demonstrate how to optimize selected important websites.
  • For selected pages, we will suggest all the critical factors of SEO optimization and explain the rules of SEO copywriting.
  • We will upload the keywords into the Collabim SEO tool, which we will teach you how to use and which you will be able to use regularly in the development of your website.
  • We will explain everything in detail in our Prague office or directly in your company during a 3-hour presentation.


  • Nowadays, a lot of agencies will create a website for you, but after you launch it, you will find that you have a poor traffic on it and you will have to start paying for advertising.
  • However, if you get a website created that is optimized for search engines with its content and structure, you will start getting visitors for free. And in the long term.
  • We use proven modern templates to create your website, which you can choose from whether you provide services or offer anything else. You can get inspired here and if you like one of them, just get in touch and you’ll have your website ready in a few weeks.
  • This service is for sites of up to 10 pages and is ideal if you want people in the local area to know about your offering.
  • Based on the questions prepared in advance, we will give you quick tips and advice on how to improve your website.
  • You’ll get practical and immediately actionable advice that you can put into practice immediately.
  • Or get a quick analysis of your website and an idea of how to develop it further.
  • We can also take a look at one of your competitors and, after a quick analysis, give you advice on how to achieve better search results.
  • During, for example, a two-hour interactive discussion, you will find out the weak points of your web project and suggestions on how to eliminate them.
  • Based on a pre-defined brief, we will prepare a training course for you and/or your online specialists with detailed instructions and advice on how to increase traffic to your website from search engines.
  • We will set up, if you are not already using it, the online SEO tool Collabim, and will upload hundreds of keywords from your business sector into it.
  • We will point out specific areas for improvement directly on the results in Collabim.
  • This way you will learn how to work with the most widely used SEO tool in Czech republic.
  • We will show you examples of effective SEO copywriting using specific texts from your website.
  • We will explain all important aspects of onpage SEO optimization.
  • We will point out all the significant technical and content shortcomings of your website.
  • After the training you will be able to start improving your website immediately and increase its traffic.
  • The training will take place in our Prague office or directly at your company.

The prices are without VAT. We are not VAT payers.


Inquire about SEO services. In your message, please include your enquiry or what service you are interested in and your website URL. We will contact you to clarify the offer.

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