I am a professional SEO CONSULTANT with many years of experience and founder of SEOMAKER agency.

Ing. Rudolf Sehnal MBA|professional SEO consultant and founder of SEOMAKER agency

As an SEO consultant I am an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and have experience in the following areas. For example, according to Google, a good SEO consultant should have the following practical experience:

  1. creating quality web content through SEO copywriting
  2. checking and setting up technical parameters of the website and hosting (technical SEO)
  3. the ability to take into account all the important on-page and off-page factors of SEO optimization
  4. setting up a structure of online campaigns (PPC – pay per click) to increase website traffic
  5. detailed keyword analysis and the creation of a website structure based on this analysis
  6. the SEO consultant should be able to provide training in the entire SEO optimization process with regard to your business area


At SEOMAKER, we help dozens of websites get to the top of Google and Seznam search engines with thousands of keywords. We are happy to help you with that too.

Long-term and short-term optimized online projects

Keywords in the top 3 positions of Google and Seznam search engines

Keywords in the TOP 10 positions of Google and Seznam search engines

Selected keywords that we take care of in our project portfolio

70-80% of people click on the results below the ads when searching. That’s why it’s important to have your website on the first page of search results. Ideally in the first few positions. Here is an example of a search for the keyword “seo consultant” on Google.

Skills that SEO consultants should offer you and which are offered at SEOMAKER

We see SEO optimization as an effective tool to continuously increase the traffic to a website, blog or e-shop in order to increase the number of leads received or direct purchases made in the e-shop. What areas should a professional SEO consultant or expert cover and be able to address?

1. Technical SEO

  • If you already have a website, the SEO consultant should be able to use online tools to analyze its technical parameters such as loading speed, existence and correctness of the site map, file allowing the site to be indexed by search engines, data encryption and so on.
  • Which are the factors without which your site cannot appear in good positions in search engines.

SEOMAKER | We will alert you to all the critical flaws and errors of your website with a clear explanation of how to fix them. If your website is not appearing on the first pages of search results at all, book our one-off SEO consultation.

2. Pre-implementation analysis of the web project

  • When you’re planning to create a new website or want to do a major redesign of an existing one, it’s a good time to include an SEO consultant on your implementation team.
  • A traditional web design agency will create a website according to your specifications. You then launch the site and find that its traffic from natural search is poor.
  • A pre-implementation SEO keyword search analysis will help you refine your web design brief.

SEOMAKER | After keyword analysis, we will help you refine the brief for the web development agency. With this optimization you will get free traffic from search engines. Plus, we will advise you on how to boost traffic to specific sites with linkbuilding.

3. Analysis of how your field is searched for on the Internet

  • One of the key areas in marketing is knowing the needs of potential customers. In online marketing, customer needs can be accurately obtained from the phrases that potential customers use to search for your services.

SEOMAKER | Through detailed analysis of hundreds or thousands of keywords, we can show you exactly how, how many and when potential customers are searching for your services or products. This will help you in creating your online strategy.

4. Creating a logical structure for visitors and bots

  • Since at this stage it is already clear exactly how and in what intensity people are searching for your services or products, the next logical step is to create a complete design of the new website or e-shop structure with the names of the main sections and sub-sections. And all this from the most searched to the least searched.

SEOMAKER | We create or redesign the structure of your internet project so that potential customers and search engine robots find exactly what they are looking for at first glance.

5. Creating quality content with regard to SEO

  • Every keyword you target needs its own landing page. In terms of SEO copywriting, it’s important to write the text of specific web pages, or in the case of an e-shop, the text of the main product groups, subgroups and product descriptions in this form
    • Page URL
    • H1, H2, H3, etc. heading
    • Bodycopy with internal linking
    • Meta title with regard to attractiveness compared to competitors
    • Meta description summarising the content of the page
    • ALT image descriptions

SEOMAKER | Thanks to our extensive experience in copywriting and SEO, we will write optimized texts for key pages or the entire website to convince visitors to take action and “attract” the attention of search engines.

6. SEO optimization presentation

  • The ideal way to convey the results and recommendations of SEO optimization is a personal presentation, where the SEO consultant should explain all recommendations in detail, show you the implementation changes with specific examples and recommend further steps to adjust the site.

SEOMAKER | We will prepare a detailed presentation directly for you or for your marketing specialists with specific guidelines to develop your website. For smaller projects, we will present the finished solution.

7. SEO optimization training

  • In the case of larger and more professional internet projects, where marketing specialists take care of the web development, it is sometimes preferable for the SEO consultant to pass on the exact procedure and know-how on how to carry out SEO optimization on your own with the help of tailor-made training.

SEOMAKER | In our Prague office, online or at your company, we will conduct SEO training for online specialists and managers with specific tips for improving website performance.

8. PPC campaign optimization

  • If you need to immediately increase website traffic and online sales of your goods and services, a professional SEO consultant will prepare a PPC campaign structure based on keyword analysis, landing pages, competitor campaigns, etc. and advise you on how to optimize the content of pages, snippets, headlines, URLs, etc.

SEOMAKER | Based on keyword analysis, we will prepare the ideal structure for creating PPC campaigns in Google Ads and Sklik.

9. Demonstration of the results achieved with SEO

  • Of course, in addition to the theoretical knowledge of SEO, you should have the results achieved by optimization demonstrated in practice. Ideally, specific pages and their long-term ranking on the first search positions, etc. Presented theoretical knowledge is one thing (although also important), but actual successful implementation will show demonstrable know-how.

SEOMAKER | We created a number of SEO analyses and then implemented them, creating the structure and content of the pages so that they rank well in search results and also bring conversions. Examples can be found in the references.

10. Certifications, experience, know-how in SEO

  • Good SEO consultants should keep themselves educated and up to date with new trends and changes in search engine algorithms.

SEOMAKER | The main SEO consultant of our agency has 20+ years of experience in marketing and communication strategies and 10+ years of experience in online marketing, SEO copywriting, SEO optimization and keyword analysis, in addition to being a certified SEO specialist by Collabim, the most widely used SEO tool in the country.

Maile Ohye from Google advises how to choose an SEO consultant

  • avoid consultants who promise you first positions in search engines “overnight”
  • ask for outline of the process the consultant will follow to complete your assignment
  • check whether the SEO consultant’s web presentation looks professional to you
  • arrange a personal meeting
  • let the consultant show you the concrete results achieved
  • have an SEO audit created



How do clients rate our SEO consulting skills?

“Excellent professional services coupled with great communication and presentation skills.”

Ondřej Dvořák

Marketing specialist, masticlife.cz



“I have received a very beneficial training that literally bears fruit after time. 🙂
I look forward to working with you again and highly recommend this to anyone who cares about being seen!”

Pavel Kovaříček

Online specialist, proma.cz

How to choose a quality SEO consultant?

  • By hiring an SEO consultant, you gain the potential to improve your website and save time that you would have lost by optimizing, but by choosing the wrong specialist, you also risk damaging your website and reputation if they give you bad advice or recommend the wrong practices. It is therefore important to keep in mind the following set of recommendations:


1. Interview the SEO consultant or SEO agency you choose

  • A good SEO specialist doesn’t just focus on ranking positions with the various search engines you appear on, but rather how they can help your business by improving the way your overall online presence looks.
    • A good SEO consultant should tend to ask the following questions:
      • What makes your business, website content or services and products unique and therefore interesting to customers?
      • How does your typical customer look like?
      • How do they currently find your website on the internet?
      • How does your business make money and how can search engines help with this?
      • What other communication channels do you use?
      • Do you use offline advertising, i.e. advertising outside the internet?
      • How do you use social media?
      • Who are your main competitors?
      • What do you expect from online and potentially offline communication on the internet?
    • If your consultant doesn’t seem interested in learning these details about your business and understanding it from a holistic perspective, consider finding another expert.
    • In general, it is difficult to optimize properly without a specialist knowing about the company’s goals, its customers and other existing marketing efforts, although a very experienced consultant can find out most of the information on his or her own by analyzing the Internet and using professional SEO analytics tests and tools.
    • Be wary of an expert who makes unrealistic guarantees about ranking at the top of Google’s organic results under ads. This is because no one can guarantee a top position, and often those who try to guarantee it act contrary to Google’s webmaster guidelines, such as creating a multitude of worthless pages and linking them together. Which could result in your site or website being permanently removed from Google search results.

2. Verification of references, certifications, results and awards

  • You will confirm that the SEO expert was able to provide useful advice and was able to work effectively with customers. And also whether the optimization results were permanent, not temporary.
  • A good SEO expert should become part of your business plans and should be focused on long-term plans and helping your brand.
    • SEO is rapidly evolving just as search engine algorithms are changing. That’s why it’s important to continually educate yourself, get certified, and learn how to work with different optimization tools. Check out my accomplishments on my LinkedIn profile.

3. Website audit with an estimate of the optimization complexity.

  • The next step is to request a technical SEO site audit and a search audit. If you trust your SEO candidate, give them limited viewing rights, not full access or write access to your Google Search Console or Analytics data.
  • Have consultant perform a technical and search audit based on which he will give you a prioritized list of what he thinks should be improved in the SEO area of your website or e-commerce store. These suggestions should be based on your website data, reflect your online strategy and avoid any unnatural practices.
  • The collaborative proposal should also include an estimate of the total monthly cost of SEO and the number of pages it will cover. Then setting goals and metrics to track results on an ongoing basis.

4. Establishing short or long-term cooperation

  • A good SEO consultant will prioritize ideas that will improve your business using the least amount of resources.
  • Count on the fact that the effects of the proposed and implemented improvements may be gradual at the beginning, but will promote traffic growth in the long run.
  • You should see a consultant as someone you can work with and experiment with, to learn and help shape the way forward for you and your business.

What consultant or SEO specialist you should avoid instead?

There are SEO techniques and strategies that can penalize your website with search engines to the point that no one can find it in search results. Search engine optimization takes tens and hundreds of hours and there are no shortcuts to search engine optimization, so expect quality work to come at a corresponding cost.


  • Reject a consultant who won’t build you a detailed keyword analysis. For example, Michal Binka, in his book Keyword Analysis – A Step-by-Step Guide, states that the usual price for keyword analysis is in the range of 20,000 – 50,000 CZK and strongly warns against offers below 10,000 CZK unless it is really a website of a few pages.
  • Don’t be tempted by offers of bulk paid listings in hundreds of directories and paid backlinks. These techniques have less and less impact on the performance of the site.
  • An optimized SEO article cannot cost a few hundred crowns. Such an article can never find itself on the first page of search engines after typing in a selected keyword. To give you an idea, take a look at the keyword optimized article “SEO copywriting” written by Neil Patel, one of the world famous SEO consultants. Are you under the impression that it can be written in less than an hour and 250 CZK?
  • If someone offers you forbidden SEO techniques to increase your traffic, refuse to cooperate: placing a high and therefore unnatural number of keywords on the page, hiding keywords under images or using white text on a white background, serving different content to search robots than to readers, etc. Sooner or later, you will pay for it by dramatically reducing your website traffic.