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SEOTEST provides valuable information on search ranking factors


Effective recommendations

All of the tool’s recommendations will target your site’s performance in search.

Improving point by point

Fix all the errors the tool detects on your website and beat the competition

What will SEO TEST do for my website?

With a comprehensive test of your website, you’ll get a consistent understanding of how your website is performing in organic search rankings. Our tool will detect errors and recommend how to fix them effectively.

Examples of rating factors:

  • Title page and its lenght
  • Page Description
  • Types of headings in HTML code
  • ALT image captions
  • Keyword groups
  • Loading time

You have to work on the web for a long time. While each ranking factor has a certain weight, and each is important in a different way, achieving overall optimization is a challenging process.

The analysis covers the following areas:

  • General overview and status of the site
  • SEO
  • Website usability
  • Responsiveness
  • Social networks
  • Technology
  • Links


Why do I have so little traffic?

Despite the fact that you have taken care with the creation of the site, readable texts and beautiful graphics are not the only key to success. Have you kept the ratio of HTML code to text? Did you use all available types of headings? There are a lot of factors, but SEO TEST will help you navigate through them and make optimization a breeze.


  • Title lenght
  • Description lenght
  • Keyword consistency
  • Use of HTML headings


How much does SEO TEST cost?

Nothing at all. This tool is there for you ONLINE, at any time of the day, on any device. The number of tests is unlimited, so you can debug one bug at a time and repeat tests over and over again. SEO TEST is here for you.

Do I need an account to TEST?

You don’t need to register to access the tool, just enter the URL of the website and run the TEST. You can also stop creating an account with us.

Will SEO TEST fix the errors on my website?

Fixing mistakes is up to you, but you’ll get valuable advice on how to do it. Take Titile as an example – one of the most important ranking factors. Title is the main description of the page, which is also repeated in the snippet. Our SEO TEST will not only check if the TITLE is displayed correctly, but it will also measure its length. If it is longer or shorter than it should be, the tool will show you immediately. With a corrected TITLE, GOOGLE can better determine what’s on the page and rank you higher.

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