We will increase traffic to your website, blog or e-shop with search engine optimization.

How to increase website traffic without paid ads?

How to increase website traffic? The answer to this question is sought by owners of personal and business websites, blogs and e-shops, because increased website traffic statistically brings increased conversions – leaving a contact, downloading paid content, subscribing to newsletters and purchasing goods or services. How can increased web traffic be achieved?

  • increasing website traffic in a paid form – paid search engine advertising (PPC), mostly on Google, Seznam and Bing, PR articles published on visited websites, paid backlinks and also, for example, by placing on favourable positions in various company lists such as Firmy.cz and Najisto.cz
  • increasing website traffic in a non-paid way, which is discussed on this website: how to do it can be found on the page about SEO and search engine optimization

Our brief SEO analysis and recommendations for increasing website traffic and number of purchases on an e-shop offering candy gifts. The biggest problem leading to low website traffic is the lack of content optimized for important keywords.

Increasing website traffic – quickly or gradually?

As you can see above, increasing website traffic can be achieved in several ways:

  • the faster paid way, where the results come in hours and days, but with no lasting effect, you stop paying and the site traffic drops rapidly to its original level
  • slower, through SEO optimization, where results come in weeks and months, but with a lasting effect
    • for example, the website pohovor.cz, which provides advice on how to prepare for an interview, write a CV and a cover letter, is built using only on-page SEO optimization and its traffic and, more importantly, its performance increases steadily year after year with minimal effort

Website owners also often struggle with how to increase domain traffic. It is true that a well-written and structured homepage of a website carries a lot of importance to search engines.

  • for example, Seznam prioritizes the homepage over other pages of the site and displays it for a wider variety of keywords that appear on it
  • Google, on the other hand, tries to guide visitors deeper into the site to more specific pages containing specific keywords